Blue Moon Monologues
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Pink Camellias, bindweed,
convolvulus and milkmaid,
Grandmother’s rhyme with slipperslop
which always follows the sun.
English Country Garden
Flowers like wallpaper patterns – forget-me-nots
primroses, and violets bound in a dock leaf.
Lavender’s blue
hunting four-leaved clovers and finding three in a day
Daisy chains and buttercups held
yellow under the chin,
Daisy daisy
Miniature thistles in Maidstone,
six foot sunflowers vandalised,
spread out on the Cuckoo Trail
Sumer is a cumin in
tulips flown over
from Amsterdam – Its spring again red, yellow and white,
some like Chantilly lace.
Glads, Iris and gerberas,
pear, apple and cherry blossom.
A hundred and twenty rosebushes.
Tis the last rose of summer
And the plants at the Carpet Gardens
at the end of the season.

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