Blue Moon Monologues
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Blue Room with Chandeliers


My favourite colour for decorating rooms is blue

I was decorating a room when I first heard what turned out to be my husband's best loved song.

I'm Peggy, there was another Peggy in the office, I worked in - Baker/Perkins in Peterborough, a huge firm that made all sorts of machinery. I loved working there, I made all sorts of friends. The other Peggy called herself Peggy senior as she was 10 days older than me - she was deaf and dumb but she was a marvellous dancer and could always make herself understood especially when she was swearing!

I never danced, I had 2 left feet.

I did learn the piano - living in Lincolnshire we had one, a lovely upright and I had lessons. then my grandmother, who lived with us, fell down the stairs and she had to move into the front room so I could not go in there to play anymore. I really remember that.

When I was even younger and both my grandparents were alive they used to keep a pig in the wash house behind the cottage in a row of three. I remember the copper, boiling potatoes, hot in my hands, with salt. We always looked forward to it, to get the potatoes before they were squashed for the pig!

Lots of people only think of the good things in the past, like the weather, but we have lovely weather now!

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